Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Modernes Steine Set

- Modernes Steine Set -
5 "High Quality" Sprühböden
& passende Steine Muster (färbbar)
- Modern Stone Set -                           
5 "High Quality" TerrainPaints
& matching Stone Patterns (recolorable)



  1. Hi! nice work ..
    Congratulations ...
    is a pleasure for me to publish
    Always keep informed

    also here

  2. Hi I really like these tiles, but for some reason when ever I install custom tiles they never come in my game whether I use .package or .sims3pack, so I was wondering if there's something I have to do to make them show up? I looked under "Stone" was not there so then I looked in "all" still not there. :C

  3. Hi, Thank you so much that you like my Pattern Set. I´m Sorry to hear, you have trouble to find them. These are Stone Pattern, not Stone Tiles! That´s maybe the reason, you don´t find them. If you open, during the Game the Option construction, choose the Color Palette (not the floor). Than choose Rock / Stone and there the Patterns should be. The Terrain Paints you find like always under Terrain Paints. I hope you find them now, and enjoy them and I wish you happy simming. See you ;-)